Following is an article published in TIMES OF INDIA -May 5,2009

Mr Naveen Jindal has registered a massive victory in the Lok Sabha election.
He trounced his rival candidate, Mr. Ashok Arora by 1, 18, 729 votes.
This is his second consecutive win from Kurukshetra.

Naveen Jindal’s formula: More work, less bureaucracy

5 May 2009, 0836 hrs IST, Rustam Roy, TIMESOFINDIA.COM


Congress MP Naveen Jindal during a campaign in Kaithal

First-time Congress MP from Kurukshetra Naveen Jindal has come a long way from his industrialist-turned-politician image. In this Lok Sabha polls he is fighting on the developmental plank. Rustam Roy of caught up with him on the campaign trail to dissect his campaign formula.

Q: How is this campaign different from the last time?
A: This time I am definitely more relaxed, I have a track record of five years to showcase, I have been working sincerely so people know that… and now I am the frontrunner.

Q: What is your goal in the next five years?
A: It is development definitely, we have been able to achieve much in the last five years… I was able to help build 80,000 toilets and provide grants to villages easily… building roads was also a big success… a sewage treatment plant, polytechnic for women is being built… even though I get a grant of just Rs 2 crore, we were able to raise a lot more than that for the uplift of the villages..

Q: So you are happy with your work so far.
A: I am satisfied but not happy, I tried to make the best possible use of the circumstances… obviously I would like to do much more.

Q: In your speeches here, you have been talking extensively about the role of an MP. Explain.
A: See, as I have said during my campaign what is the role of a legislator or an MP? It is to legislate that is to make laws for this country, but people expect me to have executive powers also, I don’t have such powers.
Let me expand this further, people want drains to be built, small-time work to be done but that is not our work an MP’s work is to make laws for the good of the country…we are a democracy but we are also very bureaucratic… I’ll fight against this.

Q: Is there a dream project on your mind which you would like to see fulfilled in years to come?
A: I am working towards a direct train service from Kaithal to Delhi and also a good hospital in Kurukshetra.


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