I feel compelled to write this following a near deluge of comments and queries over the ‘Tiranga Bangle’ launched by the Flag Foundation of India on January 25, 2013. This was an event to mark the day when we won the Fundamental Right to display the National Flag.

To begin with, I would like to re-iterate that the Flag Foundation if India is working to foster pride in and promote the display of the National Flag in our daily lives. The Tiranga Bangle is another product in the same spirit. Further, the Flag Foundation is a non-profit organisation and does not market/sell any souvenirs; all forms of merchandise designed around the National Flag are distributed complimentary.

Tri-vortex technology was introduced to me by a close friend, during my visit to South Africa two years ago.  He introduced me to a few products which were energised by the Tri-vortex technology, including the bangle. I was curious to learn more about this technology and met Dr Anton Ungerer in South Africa, to have a better understanding of the subject. Dr Anton Ungerer has conducted extensive research on Tri-vortex technology over twenty years, and has energised several products using Tri-vortex.  He explained to me that Trivortex technology is an alternate healing technique that uses advance science and physics (properties of sound, light and geometry). Individuals who have tried these products have shared their feedback about their positive experiences, some of the benefits being energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain.

I tried the bangle myself and so did some of my family members and close friends. I found it to be beneficial and the feedback from my family members was positive too. It was then that we decided to align the bangle with our initiative to promote the Indian National Flag, calling it the ‘Tiranga’ bangle. We distributed it as gifts to all our friends through the Flag Foundation of India.

I am troubled by the assumption that I, or the Flag Foundation would proceed with any initiative without undertaking the requisite due diligence. Trivortex has been tested by scientists and results have been documented. Details about the technology are available on the website of the Flag Foundation of India and many users have shared their testimonials online.

The objections raised over the past few days are based on comments posted on a Blog published by a few individuals in South Africa. Neither the publisher nor the website represents any competent authority. Further, there are no tests/trials cited that negate the effectiveness of Trivortex.

A second source on the internet that has been referred to is a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa that had asked a distributor of the technology to withdraw its advertisement of a workshop. The ASA made no comment on the veracity of Trivortex itself.

I am surprised by the indiscreet and unwarranted comments made on Twitter and other online platforms referring to the initiative as ‘quackery’, ‘black magic’, ‘snake oil’, and other terms. Nowhere has it been claimed that Tri-vortex is a ‘magic cure’ or that it will substitute medicine.

The debate around alternate healing techniques is not new, many people swear by the usefulness of traditional, complementary and alternate healing techniques, while others reject them with equal vehemence. I believe it is within one’s rights to try and adopt any innovation and gift it to friends and well-wishers.  Just as it is within anyone else’s rights to accept or reject the same.

It is my hope that we can bring the focus back to fostering the ‘Tiranga’ and use social media and other online platforms for discussion on more pressing and substantive issues.


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